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   Taishan Fuzhan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. has been serving the metal packaging industry since 2010. It is a manufacturer of easy-to-cover production lines and shallow-flushing tank production lines integrating R&D, production, sales and equipment transformation. It is one of the few domestic production companies. One of the companies that produce high-speed production equipment.   The company has an excellent team of R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. It employs a group of professional technicians from Taiwan and mainland China who have been engaged in mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing, and easy-cover production. The company has 2 doctors, many undergraduate, specialist, secondary technical and other professional and technical personnel, providing a reliable technical guarantee for the company's products.   Since the establishment of the company, we have adhered to the market as the guide, technology as the first, honesty as the foundation, adhering to the "professional achievement quality" business policy, adhering to the "customer-oriented, quality service" concept, with reasonable prices, efficient equipment, Exquisite technology, caring service, rapid development, has won the recognition and trust of customers at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to work together for common development and create a better future.
The company is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automated precision equipment. Founded in 2018, the company specializes in food machinery, processing of incoming materials, processing of non-standard parts, stainless steel auger, upe auger and other sales operations.
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